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Susan T. Green, DC  DACRB  DOMTP


What Do I Do?

We often think of chiropractors as doctors who spend 3-5 minutes "cracking" your spine and saying "see you tomorrow". That is not the experience you will have in my office.

Sessions may include traditional Chiropractic, gentle mobilizations, osteopathic type manual therapies such as Cranio-Sacral or Muscle Energy Technique, Breema Energy Balancing, and deep myofascial work. We may discuss the ergonomics of your home or work environment. Treatments usuallly include exercise instruction, or help with your posture or diet. I often use ultrasound, heat, or cold laser therapy during the treatment to further relax tissues and speed the healing process.


Focusing on the subtle movements of the muscles, ligaments, and fascia, osteopathic based manual therapy (commonly called cranio-sacral therapy) frees restrictions and allows your body to find inner stillness and return to its natural, integrated self.


Deep myofascial treatments, like Active Release Technique, are believed to break up fibrous adhesions and stretch tissues, relieving tissue tension, and aiding the tissues in their return to normal.


Breema Energy Balancing helps the body, mind, and feelings become fully present and balanced. Patients describe feeling nurtured, supported, relaxed, and at the same time invigorated and filled with life’s energy, following even a few minutes of a Breema treatment.


 Developed by world renouned Czech neurologist, and long time mentor of Dr. Green, Karel Lewit, MD, Post Isometric Relaxation (PIR) relaxes tight muscles, and mobilizes restricted joints. It is a simple and effective method for treating acute tension, and is the first treatment of choice for sports injuries, whiplash or other traumatic events. It is a wonderful technique for children and seniors, and wherever more aggressive adjustments should be avoided.


Sometimes called Low level laser therapy (LLLT), or phototherapy, Cold Laser Therapy is  a drug-free and painless method of healing the body. 

Cold laser treatments often reduce nerve excitability, reduce pain, bring down inflammation and edema, increase circulation, and overall speed the healing of tissues. Cold laser treatments last from a few minutes to about 15 minutes, and can be "stand alone" treatments or part of your regular visit.

What I Commonly Treat



Neck and back pain

Sports injuries

Auto injuries




Shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand pain

Numbness and tingling

Muscle imbalance

Core instability

Piriformis Syndrome

Tight muscles


Hip, knee, ankle, foot pain


Musculoskeletal pains from pregnancy

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