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Susan T. Green, DC  DACRB  DOMTP


What Patients Say

“For over 20 years Dr. Susan Green has been the chiropractor for my family.  She has helped us through back, neck, and knee problems.  Her treatments, exercises and advice are always just what the doctor ordered. We travel about 50 miles to see her, and it is well worth it.”

-Steve G., CEO, Cupertino


"I have to put in my vote here for Dr. Green! I had been leery of chiropractors before, only having heard silly stereotypes about them, but Susan Green has been a revelation! She is the most caring health care professional I've probably ever come across, and equally as knowledgeable. She listens intelligently and is discerning in her treatment. She has obviously continued to further expand and enhance her skills and is gentle, thorough and effective. I am wholeheartedly grateful to have found her! Couldn't ask for anyone more helpful and on my side!"

Nadine K., X-ray tech., San Raphael


“In the past few years, I have had 2 bouts of severe low back and crippling leg pain. Susan Green’s healing hands, diagnostic abilities, and compassion, have literally gotten me back on my feet, and back performing in the concert hall.”

-Faith W., Singer, voice coach, San Francisco


“Dr. Green is a phenomenal chiropractor in every way. First, she takes the time to properly diagnose and understand the problem. Second, she excels at using physical and verbal feedback during the treatment to fine tune the treatment. She achieves both immediate and lasting results, and I always leave her office feeling relaxed and fluid. Lastly, the strengthening exercises she recommended have not only led to significant improvement between treatments, but they have changed my approach to health and heightened my understanding of my body.”

-Felice L.


“Dr Green’s ergonomic presentation was fun and we learned a lot. She got us off our seats, and taught us new strategies for preventing injury and keeping fit on the job. In a short period of time, she was able to pin point problems for various participants, and gave us specific, easy, corrective exercises.”

-Marcia S., San Mateo Family Services


 "I've been seeing Dr. Green for about 2.5 months now and I've been steadily getting better with each visit.  I could see improvement after the 2nd visit, which was amazing, given the fact that I've been in constant pain for a year.  She has literally given me my life back and I can't thank her enough". 

-Ellen K, San Francisco


"Go see Doctor Green if you want an extraordinary treatment, if you want to see a practitioner who is true healer. Recently I went to see her with a painful hip. She used her gentle touch to do traditional chiropractic adjustments. During the visits, she took the time to help my hip with laser or ultrasound and rehab techniques, then sent me home with exercises to do to strengthen and stretch my hip. Her thoughtful diagnosis and follow through has helped me get back to my regular hikes, gym and fun. Thank you, Doctor Green!"

-Jamila L, Walnut Creek







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